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Emergency Dentist Frisco TX

Accidents are usually unavoidable and can happen to anyone. When they involve injury to a tooth, you can find emergency dental care in Frisco, TX from the team at Dossett Dental.

Services Offered by Our Emergency Dentist in Frisco, TX

When a tooth becomes injured or you’re experiencing tooth pain that just can’t wait, the team at Dossett Dental will provide you with excellent urgent dental care. Dental accidents or emergencies come in all shapes and sizes, but here are some tips for common problems:

  • Chipped or cracked tooth? We can handle that! To help reduce swelling while you wait, use a cold compress if you can tolerate it and wash with tepid water.
  • Tooth loss due to injury? Our urgent dental care can help. If you’re able to recover the tooth, avoid touching the root and gently place it back in its place or in warm milk until you arrive.
  • Unbearable tooth pain? Our team will determine what is causing your discomfort. In the meantime, gently rinse with warm water and remove any food debris with floss or a toothbrush. Never put aspirin directly on your teeth or gums, as it can cause damage.
  • Foreign object lodged in your mouth? If you need to attempt to remove the item yourself, do so using floss, and never a sharp object.

Preventing Dental Emergencies in Frisco

Some emergencies could have been avoided with proper precautionary steps:

Proper Dental Hygiene

Practice proper dental hygiene to avoid tooth decay.

Dental Emergency

Never use your teeth in the place of scissors to open packaging.

Avoid Hard Foods

Avoid biting into foods that are too crunchy or hard like popcorn kernels or hard candy.

Wear Appropriate Mouth Gear

Wear appropriate mouth gear for certain sports or activities.


If you have a dental emergency, you can count on the team at Dossett Dental. Call us at 469-804-6446 We even have evening and Saturday hours to assist you with your urgent dental needs at our office located just off Lebanon and Legacy.




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