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Sedation Dentistry

Wave Goodbye to Dental Anxiety!

At Dossett Dental Frisco, we care about your overall dental health and well-being. If dental anxiety or fear keeps you from getting the care you need, your oral health can suffer. That’s why we make your comfort our priority and we’re committed to providing the most relaxing experience possible for our patients.

When procedures are particularly invasive, or when patients experience a lot of dental anxiety, some form of sedation may be necessary. At Dossett Dental Frisco, our dentists have experience, and use discretion to know when more controlled levels of anesthesia and sedation should be used.

Factors we consider include:

  • Severe Dental Anxiety
  • Overly Sensitive Teeth
  • Extensive Dental Procedures
  • Poor Response to Numbing


Millions of people avoid visiting the dentist for these reasons, which is why we think it’s important to have different levels of anesthesia and sedation available. Giving our patients options to keep them comfortable allows us to create an environment where we can achieve optimal oral health without anything getting in the way.

Degrees of Sedation Dentistry in Frisco

At Dossett Dental, we use several different degrees of anesthesia available. Our staff makes recommendations and will help you reach a decision based on the type of procedure and your individual needs.

Deep Sedation

Deep Sedation

Reduces the consciousness of the patient, which allows them to still respond to some basic commands while experiencing relaxation and relief from anxiety.

General Anesthesia

General Anesthesia

A high level of sedation, causing a total loss in consciousness and awareness.

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Dr. Dashty, our anesthesiologist, has extensive experience and training in all levels of anesthesia and provides all of his patients with an unparalleled level of safety and keeps all equipment well-maintained and up to date. You can be sure that at Dossett Dental, you’re always in good hands and you’ll receive a safe and stress-free experience.

If circumstance require sedation dentistry in our office, we will monitor multiple health parameters, including your eye movement, pressure points, and body temperature. Dr. Dashty oversees the whole process from start to finish and keeps you comfortable and safe. If your child is the one undergoing the procedure, you may stay in the room with your child to comfort them until the procedure begins.

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